• black is beautiful / ser negro es hermoso

    black is beautiful / ser negro es hermoso

    Did you know the Black is Beautiful movement began in NYC? Photographer Kwame Brathwaite and his brother Elombe launched it to an eager crowd on a January night in 1962. Read more about that evening and what led up to it here. Black is Beautiful is an enduring statement from the Civil Rights movement and continues to empower, even beyond our shores.

    While visiting Colombia two summers I was struck to see posters around the city of Cartagena with the phrase "Ser Negro Es Hermoso" aka Black is Beautiful. It wouldn't have struck me here in the US, but in the country of my ancestors I was majorly, pleasantly surprised. There are so many things I adore about being Latinx, about my South American roots, and about Colombia, but I have always lamented the colorism that remains so prevalent in our culture. That said, my face lit up every time I saw another image for the campaign. More about the campaign and reactions to it here.