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    On stands today - the newest issue of Good Company Magazine! I could not be more honored to have spoken with the powerful women of the Resistance Revival Chorus for this issue. If you need to be lifted and inspired, look no further than Grace Bonney's latest publication. I handed this piece in about two weeks before giving birth to my little girl and it offered to so much hope for my two children. The world is pretty dark but there are bright stars. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when my four year old opened the magazine and said "I'm reading what Mama wrote about the great women." 
    I keep a copy in my backpack to counter my morning newsbrief subway reading (which can take me to a place of despair) - and I hope it might be able to do the same for you. Here is where you snag your copy. 

    PS Don't miss the Live Podcast Tour (coming to NYC this Thursday!)

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    good company

    When I saw an email from Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge fame asking if I would be interested in contributing to a new magazine venture, my answer was an instant yes. I had just discovered I was pregnant with my second child, I was knee digital-deep at work with an ambitious exhibition opening in a few weeks, not to mention general working mom life. But I couldn't say no, especially to Grace. I have long admired not only her taste and talent, but also her fearlessness and determination. 

    Staying up nights (fighting that first trimester fatigue) and furiously typing in Google docs on the subway, it somehow came together. When putting the final edits (and shout to my wonderful husband for always being my editor) I became teary eyed reading through the interviews one last time. It was nothing short of an honor to share the stories of three incredible women working to changing the face of media to be more inclusive. First I had felt humbled to be asked in the first place, then I felt humbled to be able to interact with these women. I am in awe of Grace, Riese, Amy and Andrea. This past year I have been in awe of women, everything we do, everything we fight for. 

    Design-related blogs have recently made more of an effort to be more inclusive, both in who they feature and who is behind the scenes. However, D*S hasn't had to keep up, because they have always been inclusive, and I have always appreciated that. (disclaimer, our family was lucky enough to have our old home featured a few years ago). Sometimes I wonder what decisions I would have made if something like D*S had been around when I was a teenager or if I had started reading it earlier than 2008 (four years after its launch). Would I have taken more risks? Would I have taken a different professional route? I'll never know. But I am happy where I've ended up and I'm really thrilled to be able to share my voice in the ways Grace and TheFoldMag have given me the vehicle to. 

    Pick up a copy of Good Company Magazine on stands May 1 or pre-order! 
    "With its emphasis on the power of inclusivity, community, and embracing our differences, Good Company provides an energetic, safe, and supportive place to connect, learn, grow, and work through the challenges that creative people experience in pursuing their passions and dreams.